Marketing Strategy

Venture will be your partner in determining the best strategies for meeting your goals. Today’s market is complicated with ever-growing options of where to spend your marketing dollars. You need a strategy that guarantees the largest impact within your budget. We’ll help you avoid spreading your dollars too wide or putting all of them in one basket. Venture staff will work with you on messaging, timelines, budgets, as well as pre- and post-campaign analysis.

Combined Tactics

Venture was an early adaptor to incorporating digital tactics with traditional media channels.  In 2017, Venture’s Career Tech multi-media campaign for Southern Union State Community College received an award from the National Council for Marketing & Public Relations.

Media Calendar & Budget Planning

Venture is often asked to map and manage annual budget and marketing plans.  We work with clients ensure maximum impact with their target market by laying out what media channels will be used throughout the year.  

Target Marketing

Advancing research and geofencing technology allow Venture Marketing Group to help clients wisely spend their marketing dollars, cut through the clutter and focus specifically on their most likely customers.

Campaign Management

From initial research to developing motivating content, from reaching target markets to measuring results, Venture builds and manages complete, high-impact marketing plans.